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10 Festivals That Will Give You An Unforgettable Experience

Whether you’re a hippie, a techie, a model, or just lost, music festivals can be the perfect escape to find yourself. There are tons of different events, but it’s important to find the ones that will give you the most epic experiences and are not just another concert. The most amazing festivals are the ones that combine music with the arts and culture, taking you to a higher state of self-actualization and pure bliss. Here are 10 festivals that will give you an experience you'll never forget:

Lightning in a Bottle: LIB is one of the most unique festivals out there. It’s almost like a mini Burning Man located between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Music pours from the most intricate, lively stages, but this is hardly the biggest takeaway from the festival. Whether you’re a wook or a savvy tech person, you are bound to find something extraordinary. The area is filled with psychedelic and spiritual workshops, making every part of this event magical. You become a part of this deep community, losing yourself in the arts and the culture. LIB is a brilliant festival for self-realization through party, education, meditation, and dance.

Burning Man: Perhaps the most out there experience around, no description of Burning Man could do it justice. If you want to have the most insane, unreal holiday then I suggest you go to Black Rock and discover this alternate reality for yourself. In a land that accepts no currency and you’re left to fend for yourself, the Playa forces a deep self-realization and a new appreciation for everyday life. The human connection is strengthened and everyone has their own experience. No burner can compare their week to another’s. This festival is a beautiful test of the human race, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in self-expression and destroy social norms.

Dreamstate: This is not just another Insomniac event in SoCal. If you’re into trance, you need to checkout Dreamstate. If you’re not into trance music, you still need to checkout Dreamstate.This is a more casual festival that provides a judgment free zone where you can dance and immerse yourself in the music and culture. The vibes are amazing as everyone is friendly and on the same wavelength listening to different subgenres of trance. You are guaranteed to reach a state of euphoria in this dreamy wonderland. You’ll be put in a “trance” and feel the powers of healing and living on a cloud.

Tomorrowland: Located in Belgium, this massive festival will blow your mind. With people coming from hundreds of different countries, Tomorrowland is sort of a melting pot for the rave community. Think of it as a psychedelic Disneyworld from an alternate universe. There’s carnival rides, music, pool parties, and fireworks. Although this may sound like a basic festival, its hundreds of thousands of guests from all over the world make it a crazy and unique experience. Tomorrowland created this epic space to experience every single culture on the dance floor. Think of it as an accelerated study abroad program where everyone is shirtless and covered in LED.

Electric Daisy Carnival Vegas: If you’re looking for the ultimate festival experience, EDC Vegas is your guide. From massive, overdone stages to vibrant carnival rides, this place truly makes you come alive under the electric sky. Everything is lit up with extreme LED lights making it feel like a wild, electric village. The lineup is always stacked with the top EDM artists from around the world with the best energy for three nights straight. Not to mention, you get the bonus of partying all week on the Vegas strip at the most insane pool party/ nightclub scene!

Electric Forest: Deep in the Sherwood Forest you might find one of the most magical festivals out there. Even if you’re not into camping, this festival makes it well worth it. The campground is a short walk away from the stages so you never miss a beat. Electric Forest is one of the most epic and spiritual experiences around. You can get lost in the woods and explore different trails with secret artists and mini shows/workshops. Each stage is more creative than the next and the fun never stops with RV parties every night featuring secret sets. This festival creates a real sense of community as everyone camps out and takes care of each other grilling and vibing around the campsite.

Ultra Music Festival: The only thing better than being in Miami is being at a festival in Miami. Located downtown, Ultra sits beautifully on the water as you watch your favorite DJs light up the city night after night. The festival is huge and always full of surprises as Miami is a hub for nightlife and EDM. While Ultra is an electric experience within itself, what makes this event so special is the coinciding Miami Music Week. There are nonstop EDM pool parties, clubs, and events during the week of Ultra making the city a nonstop party unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Escape: Not as many people know about this Insomniac event, but it is not one to miss. If you haven’t experienced a rave during Halloween, you are missing out. It’s the best of both worlds. Located at the NOS Event Center in California, this “Psycho Circus” does not disappoint. It’s called Escape: Psycho Circus for a reason and that’s because it is insane. The spooky vibes are on point mixed with EDM vibes making it a one of a kind experience. The stages are broken up by haunted houses and scary creatures that will keep you on your toes. If you love Halloween and raves you need to check this out for the ultimate spooky and spiritual experience.

Elements: When you need a break from large scale festivals like Ultra and EDC, throw yourself into the wild with Elements Lakewood. This Pennsylvania festival is a more interactive experience that really connects nature with art and music. At Elements, you can completely forget about reality outside of its magical lake and forest. There’s even a pirate ship! For three days, you can get lost in spiritual performances and activities while becoming one with the community of campers around you.

Envision: If you love the vibe at House of Yes in NYC, then you need to go to Envision in Costa Rica. Think jungle meets Brooklyn. This trippy festival is set in an atmosphere unlike anything you’ve ever seen. There is a perfect balance of insanely talented circus performers and spiritual yogis to keep your chakras balanced. Something about hearing your favorite DJs perform in a tropical setting is an unmatched experience. Not to mention the festival is held to raise awareness about the environment as it connects us to earth. It’s a win-win.

Written by: Ali Benz